College Trip - Day 3

So we visited Stetson this morning and it’s an absolutely beautiful school. Above that, I really enjoyed the tour because it was smaller and we actually got to go inside and look at some classrooms and dorms (as opposed to the huge UF tour). It was very informative :) It’s definitely a smaller school, with only about 2200 students year round, which I like.

Yesterday, I mentioned that we were going to sneak into the UCF tour because there weren’t any spots open…Turns out we were wrong. It wasn’t that there weren’t any spots open, it was that they simply weren’t offering any tours today. I don’t know why but we got a map of the campus and drove around. I’m not really interested in it. It’s insanely huge and I don’t know, that makes me really unhappy. It’s overwhelming and intimidating. 

Oh well :) Tomorrow it’s off to Saint Leo and USF.

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